Waiting for the Sun // Short Film
WAITING FOR THE SUN follows Jeremy Andrews, a soldier recently home from Iraq and visiting a therapist for the first time.
Questions come up about his adjustments to home life as well as his readjustments to civilian life. What Jeremy can't seem to admit out loud, continuously plays in his mind.
Utilizing intimate cinematography and storytelling techniques, the film provides an unflinching view into the life of someone suffering from post-traumatic stress. 

WAITING FOR THE SUN is being distributed through Gravitas Ventures and is now available to watch through the following streaming services:


Official Selection Film Shortage Streaming Platform 2018
Official Selection Cleveland International Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection Stark County International Film Series, 2016

Direction: Christopher Eadicicco @ Alight Films
Screenplay: Alexandra Rivera
Cinematographer: Mattison Stanton
Producer: Christopher Eadicicco, Katie Maguire, Catherine Callahan
Production Company: It's Thursday Productions
Production Designer: Amber Cicardo
Make-up Artist: Averi Lee
Editors: Joshua Argueta + Jesse Maling
Location Sound: Jake Bjork
Post Production/Sound: NYC Post Group
Sound Design + Rerecording Engineer: Paul Michael
Soundtrack: Sarah Mathers
Distribution: Gravitas Ventures